Prince Contracting/I-75 project

Before:  Turbid retention pond from runoff.








After:  This is the new pond location and design from PPS which solved turbid water issues.








Before: Cloudy detention ponds with NTU’s in the 500+ range.     







After: PPS treated all ponds and prevented run off from entering wetland area.








Attaway Services/Ft. Lauderdale International Airport

Attaway was having issues with turbid water entering storm drains and a needed quick resolution. 

PPS designed and installed a treatment system and Attaway was operational within 48 hours.


Nelson Construction/Keystone Road Improvements

Nelson Construction had several companies assess their water and none were able to provide a solution.  PPS tested water and customized a product that could drop very high tannins out of the water.  The pond was over 2 acres and within a 48 hour period, Pinellas County gave approval to release the water which eliminated any need for by-pass pumps. 


RIPA/Forest Creek/Manatee County

Before:                                                                   After: 


Lennar Homes/Grand Hampton

Before:                                                                    After:               



WRS/Key West

Water treatment design and set-up by Pure Polymer Solutions


Prince Contracting/Ft. Myers/I-75

Customized treatment design by Pure Polymer Solutions

Tampa International Airport

At Tampa International Airport the contractor, Civil Site Constructors, Inc. faced issues when discharging water into the waterways which are attached to Tampa Bay. The bay is teaming with marine life and all involved wanted to prevent impact to the environment. Civil Site Constructors contacted Pure Polymer Solutions to design a solution for removing water without allowing NTU's to exceed 29 above background. Pure Polymer Solutions collected water samples to determine which bio-polymers performed successfully and with the least amount of impact. 

Results:  66 NTU's down to 4.81 NTU's


Interstate 75

Haleakala Construction was initially storing job site water in a large retention pond, but ran out of storage space. Pure Polymer Solutions was brought in and actively started treating, giving results of 800 NTU's down to 1.81 NTU's prior to going into a stream, which eventually makes its way into the Hillsborough River. Haleakala was able to move forward with laying storm pipe without any delays and kept the job on schedule.

Results:  800 NTU's down to 1.81 NTU's


Turtle Creek Club

Pond 14 at Turtle Creek Club has had an algae bloom each year in which the pond would turn from pristine to green every summer. Pure Polymer Solutions came in and installed a pond aeration system, along with using enzymes to resolve the pond turning green. Results were slow, because it takes longer for enzymes to work, but after 1 month of treatment, the pond was back to normal and without the use of standard chemical treatments.



Harrison Ranch

Harrison Ranch Water Treatment After

Harrison Ranch Water Treatment BeforeRipa & Associates asked Pure Polymer Solutions to assist with removing turbid water at the Harrison Ranch job site. All of the ponds could not be done with sock dewatering because there were too many silty clays in the material. Pure Polymer Solutions and Florida Dewatering were able to store the water and treat it at a later date. After treatment the water was released into a wetland area.

Results:  79 NTU's down to 4.41 NTU's


Magnolia Park

Magnolia Park Water Treatment BeforeRipa and Associates was faced with dewatering an area within the middle of a creek. The material where work was being done could not be dewatered with well points, so RIPA & Associates placed a kelly well 5 feet deeper than their cut.  Pure Polymer Solutions treated before going into a containment area. The containment area was built as a location to allow settling time before going into a lake.

Magnolia Park Water Treatment After

The water being treated was not able to be measured in NTU's (above 5.000). After treatment the water was returned to the environment at 2.89 NTU's.



Concord Station

Lennar Homes was trying to allow ponds to drop naturally, but particles in the ponds stayed suspended for several months with very little improvement. Pure Polymer Solutions started treating the ponds that were closest to the outflow from retention ponds and was able to significantly reduce NTU's and the overall appearance of the ponds. 

Results:  78 NTU's down to between 4.81 and 8.23 NTU's











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