Critical issues in aviation is the effect of airport operations on water quality has been garnering attention as regulators look beyond the more obvious sources of water pollution. The impact of sediments in water changes the chemical composition, reduces light penetration or turbidity and changes the temperature profile.

Pure Polymer Solutions products are capable of removing a wide range of suspended contaminants and dissolved contaminants (organic and inorganic) in effluent water including soil, sediment, process chemical, metals hydrocarbons and contaminants from shale oil, gas drilling and fracturing.

At Tampa International Airport the contractor, Civil Site Constructors, Inc. faced issues when discharging water into the waterways which are attached to Tampa Bay. The bay is teaming with marine life and all involved wanted to prevent impact to the environment. Civil Site Constructors contacted Pure Polymer Solutions to design a solution for removing water without allowing NTU’s to exceed 29 above background. Pure Polymer Solutions collected water samples to determine which bio-polymers performed successfully and with the least amount of impact.

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