Concord Station

Lennar Homes was trying to allow ponds to drop naturally, but particles in the ponds stayed suspended for several months with very little improvement. Pure Polymer Solutions started treating the ponds that were closest to the outflow from retention ponds and was able to significantly reduce NTUs and the overall appearance of the ponds.


Nelson Construction/Keystone Road Improvements

Nelson Construction had several companies assess their water and none were able to provide a solution. PPS tested the water and customized a product that could drop very high tannins out of the water. The pond was over 2 acres and within a 48 hour period, Pinellas County gave approval to release the water which eliminated any need for by-pass pumps.


Interstate 75

Haleakala Construction was initially storing job site water in a large retention pond, but ran out of storage space. Pure Polymer Solutions was brought in and actively started treating, giving results of 800 NTUs down to 1.81 NTUs prior to going into a stream, which eventually makes its way into the Hillsborough River. Haleakala was able to move forward with laying storm pipe without any delays and kept the job on schedule.

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