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Pure Polymer Solutions

Pure Polymer Solutions is a global water treatment company headquartered in Tampa, FL, USA. Focused on the provision of eco-friendly technologies Pure Polymer has been developing water treatment solutions for the construction, industrial, and mining sectors worldwide. The company is rich in intellectual property with many patents, granted and pending, and a world-class team of scientists with strong, multi-functional technical capabilities.

Pure Polymer Products

Pure Polymer’s products are based on proprietary technologies that are capable of removing a wide range of suspended and dissolved contaminants (organic and inorganic) in effluent water caused by industrial and municipal pollution. Our natural chemistry technologies have been proven to remove a wide range of contaminants including soil, sediment, process chemicals, PCBs, heavy metals, oil, chemical and hydrocarbon contaminants from shale oil and gas drilling and fracturing water. Our nutrient remediation technology has been proven in some of the toughest environments including phosphate mines and gypstack remediation.

Exciting New Technology

Nutrient harvesting is one of our exciting new technologies where phosphates and nitrogen can be removed from difficult waters and reused for soil amendments or slow-release fertilizers. Pure Polymer also works with industries to not only be environmentally conscious but to also develop nutrient removal to aid impoverished farmers in 3rd world countries. Pure Polymer has the ability to partner with industries to create proprietary formulations for specific water contamination and our research and development lab is capable of in field assessments with our fleet of mobile labs.

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